Jonathan Chizick

Proving once again that knowing who your customers are, what they want, and delivering it, is the key to business success…

The disruption happening today in the PC space is less about the merits of open ecosystems vs. closed ecosystems and more about which one is able to deliver what customers want. Apple’s closed ecosystem lost in the past, not because the closed ecosystem was a flawed model, but because the closed ecosystem couldn’t deliver the solution that most customers wanted at that time. (I’ll save that explanation for a future post)

Add this to the list of Steve Jobs’ legacies - having the foresight to know that eventually an ecosystem focused on customer needs first and devices/services second will win over an ecosystem focused first on standardizing (genericizing?) components and devices for maximum volume.

"every effort is focused on the central goal of delivering complete product solutions and richer, more satisfying customer outcome"

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